Gift by Dassandre

″24 Years of Christmases” - Chapter 9December 24, 2025It would be a gross understatement to say the last year had been filled with gut-dropping lows and euphoric highs.A pregnant April’s kidnapping the previous Christmas by human traffickers followed by the joyous birth of Andrew and William in early May was enough of an emotional rollercoaster … Continue reading Gift by Dassandre


Nightmare Before Christmas by Dassandre

“24 Years of Christmases” - Chapter EightDecember 20, 20240014 hours“April never made it home.”There are moments in life when time slows to a crawl and each of the senses riotously rebel as the heart and soul try to absorb something so impossible that even the brightest intellect can’t make sense of it.  Q set his … Continue reading Nightmare Before Christmas by Dassandre